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Publications ICMPE 2016

AHMED, M. A. ; ABU SHAWEESH, A. A. ; EL-ASHGAR, N. M. ; EL-NAHHAL, I. M. ; CHEHIMI, M. M. ; BABONNEAU, F., Synthesis and characterization of immobilized-polysiloxane monoamine-thiol triacetic acid and its diamine and triamine derivatives. J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. 2016, 78, (3), 660-672. ÅNGSTROM J., JOHANSSON R., SARKAR T., SØRBY M.H., ZLOTEA C., ANDERSSON M., NORDBLAD R. et SCHEICHER R.H., "Hydrogenation-Induced Structure and Property Changes in the Rare-Earth Metal Gallide NdGa : Evolution (...)

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Publications ICMPE 2015

AHMAD R., GRIFFETE N., LAMOURI A., FELIDJ N., CHEHIMI M.M. and MANGENEY C., Nanocomposites of Gold Nanoparticles@Molecularly Imprinted Polymers : Chemistry, Processing, and Applications in Sensors, Chem. Mater., 27, n°16, (2015) 5464-5478 ALY ABOUD M.F., AL OTHMAN Z.A., HABILA M.A., ZLOTEA C., LATROCHE M. et CUEVAS F., "Hydrogen storage in pristine and d10-block metal-anchored activated carbon made from local wastes", Energies, 8, (2015) 3578-3590 ÅNGSTRÖM J., ZLOTEA C., LATROCHE M. et (...)

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Publications ICMPE 2014

AJROUDI, L., MLIKI, N., BESSAIS, L., MADIGOU, V., VILLAIN, S. et LEROUX, C., Magnetic, electric and thermal properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles, Material Research Bulletin, 59, (2014) 49-58. ALLENO, E., LAMQUEMBE, N., CARDOSO-GIL, R., IKEDA, M., WIDDER, F., ROULEAU, O., GODART, C., GRIN, Y. et PASCHEN, S., A thermoelectric generator based on an n-type clathrate and a p-type skutterudite unicouple, Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science, 211, n°6 (2014) 1293-1300, (...)

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Publications ICMPE 2013

ALLENO E. et MAZUMDAR C., Magnetic structures in RNi4B (R=Nd, Tb, Ho, Er), Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 202, (2013) 15-21. ALLENO E., ZEHANI E. et ROULEAU O., Metallurgical and thermoelectric properties in Co1-xPdxSb3 and Co1-xNixSb3 revisited, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 572, (2013) 43 - 48. ANTIC B., PEROVIC A., KREMENOVIC A., BLANUSA J., SPASOJEVIC V., VULVIC P., BESSAIS L. et BOZIN E.S., An integrated study of thermal treatment effects on the microstructure and magnetic (...)

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Publications ICMPE 2012

ARABI N.H., IRATNI A., EL HAMZAOUI H., CAPOEN B., BOUAZAOUI M., HALBWAX M., VILCOT J.P. et BASTIDE S., Antireflective sol-gel TiO2 thin films for single crystal silicon and textured polycrystal silicon, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 62, (2012) 24-30. BASTIDE S., NYCHYPORUK T., ZHOU Z., FAVE A. et LEMITI M., Facile metallization of dielectric coatings for plasmonic solar cells, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, n°102 (2012) 26-30. CACHET-VIVIER C., BASTIDE S., LAURENT M., (...)

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Publications ICMPE 2011

Title AMIEL C., LAYRE A. M., WINTGENS V., DALMAS F. and GOSSELET N. M., pH sensitive polymer nanoassemblies based on cyclodextrin polymer, Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry,69, n° 3-4 (2011) 487-490 AZEVEDO C., CENEDESE P. and DUBOT P., Two steps bulk-surface functionalization of nanoporous alumina by methyl and vinyl-silane adsorption. Evidence for oxide surface highly reactive sites creation, Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine,22, n° 5 (2011) (...)

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Publications ICMPE 2010

AILLAUD I., HAURENA C., LE GALL E., MARTENS T. and RICCI G., 2-Chlorophenyl Zinc Bromide : A Convenient Nucleophile for the Mannich-Related Multicomponent Synthesis of Clopidogrel and Ticlopidine, Molecules,15, n° 11 (2010) 8144-8155 ALLENO E., CHEN L., CHUBILLEAU C., LENOIR B., ROULEAU O., TRICHET M. F. and VILLEROY B., Thermal Conductivity Reduction in CoSb3-CeO2 Nanocomposites, Journal of Electronic Materials,39, n° 9 (2010) 1966-1970 ALLENO E., SINGH S., DHAR S. K. and ANDRE G., (...)

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