Research interest

My research activities are focused on the synthesis, structural and physicochemical properties of intermetallics and hydrides for energy storage applications: hydrogen storage, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries.

In particular, I am interested in the following topics:

  • Structural and functional properties of intermetallic compounds and their hydrides, Mg-based hydrides, and complex hydrides
  • Nanocomposite and nanostructured materials. Relationship between micro (nano) structure and properties. Operando structural analysis (X-ray and neutron diffraction)
  • Mechanochemistry under inert and reactive atmosphere
  • Reactivity of materials with light elements (hydrogen and alkali atoms)
  • Electrochemical and transport properties of solid electrolytes (hydrides, sulphides) for all solid-state batteries

Teaching and tutoring

Master « Energy and fuels for the future », Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain

Other activities

Head of the research group IHM / Interaction of Hydrogen and Mater
Co-head of the hydrogen storage axis at the FRH2 / French Research Hydrogen Network
Member of the Research Advisory Committee of the ARC Training Centre for The Global Hydrogen Economy (Australia)
French coordinator of the IRN-FACES (French-Australian Research Network on Conversion and Energy Storage)




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