Research Officer


  • metallurgy
  • recycling and sustainability
  • alloy design
  • microstructure characterization
  • mechanical behavior

Research interest

My areas of interest are: new metal recycling process ; design of innovative alloys ; the relationship between chemical composition, processing conditions, thermodynamic stability and mechanical behavior ; multi-scale characterization of the microstructure. Broadly speaking, I am also involved in improving the sustainability of metallurgy.

My on-going projects are

  • Solid state recycling of aluminium alloys
    • Collaboration with IUL (Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight, Dortmund univ.), GeM (Research Institute in Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Centrale Nantes) and IRCP (Institute of Research of Chimie Paris)
    • Tools: XPS (X-ray Photoélectron Spectroscopy), oxidation study
  • Strengthening of metallic alloys by chemical architecturation
    • Project ANR JCJC CAMEL (2018-2022), coordinator: M. Laurent-Brocq
    • Tools: flash sintering, FEM (finite element modelling), annealing treatments
    • Collaboration with Material Center (Mines ParisTech)
  • Optimization of corrosion resistance in multi-components alloys
    • Collaboration with IRCP (Chimie ParisTech)
    • Tools : processing by melting and casting, Calphad method

Past projects

  • Precipitation in high entropy alloys (HEA) : thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanic
    • Project ANR Turbo-AHEAD (2017-2021), coordinator : J.P. Couzinié
    • Tools : Calphad method, melting and thermomechanical treatments, creep

Teaching and tutoring

Course “Recycling of metals, process and perspectives” for the master “Engineering and management of environment” of Mines ParisTech.

Unit “Metals and alloys” in the master “Materials chemistry” (M1 and M2) of Evry University (2016 – 2022)

Other activities

Sustainability leader at ICMPE

Creation of the Instagram account Ô mon labo, for science popularization

Head of the team “Design of Alloys and Microstructure” (2020-21)


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