Research interest

– Development and shaping of materials for energy (thermoelectricity, Ni-MH batteries) using flash sintering (SPS). Characterization of the structure, microstructure and properties of these materials.
– Study of the degradation of materials for energy in their environment: Corrosion of intermetallic alloys used as negative electrodes in Ni-MH batteries; Very long term iron corrosion using multiscale characterization methods (including X-ray diffraction, Raman spectrometry, electron microscopies)

Teaching and tutoring

– Educational director of the 2nd year of the DUT Physical Measurements in Initial Training
– Teaching (CM, TD) of Atomic and Molecular Structure in the 1st year of the DUT Physical Measurements; CM, TD, TP and management of the associated laboratory of Spectroscopic Techniques and CM, TD of Materials (Corrosion) in 2nd year of DUT Physical Measurements; TD of X-ray diffraction in L3 Physics; Tutorials of the Semiconductor Materials UE of the Master M2 MAN – Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials.
– Head of the Metal UE of the Master M2 MAPE, and teaching of the corrosion of metallic materials: realization of courses and practicals, and interventions on phase diagrams and on the corrosion of metals at the National Heritage Institute.

Other activities

– Scientific animation of the SPS-Île de France flash sintering platform: scientific management, organization of the platform’s annual meetings and user reception; Vice-president of GFDM-FACE – Groupement Francophone de Densification des Matériaux par Frittage Assisté sous Champ Electromagnétique (since 2019)
– Nominated Member at CNU 33 (since 2019), nominated member at UPEC means commission (since 2018)
– President of the GIS Thermoelectricity steering committee (since 2019)
– Elected member of the ICMPE Laboratory Council (2015-2019), elected member of the Research Commission of the UPEC Academic Council (2012-2018)


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