2024 marks the start of a fruitful collaboration between the LINK laboratory (Laboratory for INnovative Key Materials and Structures) based in Japan and ICMPE. Following the appointment of the former head of the MC group, Jean-Claude Crivello, to the LINK (IRL3629), an international unit between CNRS, NIMS and Saint-Gobain, several doctoral students from the MC group were each given the opportunity to spend several months at NIMS in Tsukuba.

J.-C. Crivello, A. Sultanov, Z. Nefzi, R. Xie and S. Junier in Tsukuba, Japan, April 2024

As part of an 8-month JSPS grant, R. Xie is developing a collaboration with Prof. T. Mori of NIMS, a specialist in thermoelectricity.

A. Sultanov, S. Junier and Z. Nefzi, have obtained various types of funding (PEPR, NIMS) enabling them to spend between 2 and 4 months at NIMS in order to develop new collaborations and strengthen their skills. Sébastien and Arsen won the best poster award at the STAC – D2MatE conference in Tsukuba.

In addition, it is important to note that since 2023, the ICMPE has become a partner unit of the LINK, formerly a “mirror unit”, enabling exchanges to be encouraged between researchers from the two entities. In this context, C. Barreteau benefited from a mission where she met members of the LINK as well as some NIMS researchers during her visit in March. This visit was also an opportunity for her to give a seminar. In the future, we hope to extend the collaboration with UPEC through NIMS ICGP agreements, to enable all UPEC students to benefit from this exchange opportunity.

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