Michel Latroche, internationally recognized as a pillar of the hydride community, and more generally of research on the fundamental properties of materials for energy applications, passed away suddenly on December 30, 2021. This international day, which aims to outline the broad panorama of his research interests, is dedicated to his memory. It will take place on Monday, June 13 at the ICMPE auditorium in Thiais.

To participate, free but required registration.

Michel Latroche’s research activities have been mainly devoted to the study of alloys, intermetallic compounds, rare earths and porous materials having the property of reacting with hydrogen to form various compounds with remarkable structural, thermodynamic, physical and electrochemical properties. These hydrogenated materials are attracting ever-increasing interest, both fundamentally and applied. Indeed, they are able to store hydrogen and its isotopes under tuneable pressure and temperature conditions. They are currently used as electrode materials in commercial Ni-MH batteries and are being considered as electrode and electrolyte materials for future generations of Li-ion batteries.

This day will count with the contribution of numerous international and national collaborators of Michel Latroche, all internationally recognized in their field of expertise. Through their scientific presentations and their personal testimonies, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the challenges and achievements of Michel Latroche’s career in the fields of solid-state chemistry, hydrogen storage and electrochemical energy storage.

The detailed programm is available here: