The Metallurgy and Inorganic Materials (MIM) is looking for a young PhD for a 12 months opportunity. The post-doc will take place in a ASTRID project (Ministry of Defence funding) named SHIELD. The objective is to study High Entropy Alloys (HEA) or complex concentrated alloys (CCA) for defence applications, and specifically light armour plates.

The position will include:

  • Thermodynamic simulation (Calphad approach),
  • Alloy manufacturing,
  • Structural and microstructural characterization,
  • Mechanical testing,

in order to assess the candidate alloys to the specifications

Skill set :

We are looking for a young doctor with up to two years of experience after his/her PhD. A strong taste for expérimental work is required. Following skills are needed : metallurgy, metallurgical manufacturing, microstructural characterization, mechanical properties. Knowledge of one or several following techniques will be appreciated: thermodynamics (including thermodynamical computation), X-ray diffraction, SEM, TEM (plastic deformation mechanisms analysis), materials mechanics. The candidate will be able to integrate in a project and boost its starting phase, interact with the members of the involved research teams and technical staff. He/she will also be working autonomously and have a good level of verbal and written communication (in English, French appreciated).

Context :

The position takes place within the frame of a 3-year project funded by the French Ministre of Defense. The project is lead by ICMPE and the Laboratoire des Sciences et Procédés des Matériaux (LSPM) located in Villetaneuse. If the vast majority of the daily work is based in ICMPE, experiments and meetings will take place in LSPM on a regular basis.


  • Contract period : 12 months
  • Expected starting date : March 1st 2021
  • Salary : 2728€ gross per month


Loïc Perrière

How to apply

Please exclusively apply on before December 23rd, 2020