Le Dr. Erika DEMATTEIS de l’Université de Turin en Italie, ancienne post-doctorante du groupe IHM, donnera un séminaire le jeudi 20 avril à 11h00 à l’Auditorium intitulé :

Fantastic Hydrides and Where to use them

Abstract :

The development of sustainable and efficient materials is nowadays the main objective to pursue a greener and more sustainable energy future.
In this seminars recent and current research activities on complex and metal hydrides materials performed at the University of Turin will be presented.
Firstly, the development of cheap and optimized alloys as solid-state hydrogen storage materials in the frame of the HyCARE project will be presented, to show how to tailor and develop materials from the lab-scale to a final large scale renewable energy storage prototype, and show how to develop and integrate metal hydrides, phase change materials and the industrial production of them.
Secondly current research project on hydrogen purification will be introduced, where metal hydrides and hydrogen getters are investigated to capture and release pure hydrogen from a contaminated stream coming from biomass treatment.
Thirdly, a brief hint will be shown on the recently started EX-MACHINA project in which thermodynamics of metal hydrides and machine learning technique are studied and integrated to develop a large database and predict properties of interest.
Finally, a short overview of research activities on complex hydrides for battery materials will be presented, focusing on the study of solid-state electrolytes by mixing complex hydrides and metal halides.
The multiple use of hydrides in the energy field demonstrate how important are pioneer and basic research activities, and especially how powerful are international collaborations, so, in conclusion some possible discussions on Italian-French collaborations are proposed and welcomed.