The department of Molecular Chemistry and Macromolecular Materials (C3M) is involved in fundamental and applied research projects with the ambition to provide innovative solutions in response to societal challenges related in particular to the health, environment and sustainable development.

Relying on a strong complementarity between organic chemists, polymer chemists, soft matter physicochemists and experts in polymer materials, the C3M department is developing original research based on recognized skills and know-how in the following fields: synthesis of (bio)organic molecules using green chemistry methods, synthesis of functional polymers with controlled architecture, chemical modification of bioinspired and/or biosourced polymers, self-assembly in solution and at the interfaces of macromolecular systems, surface nanostructuring, development of multi-scale porous materials, biomaterials or (bio)composites with specific functionalities.

To achieve this, the C3M department relies on a network of national and international collaborations as well as industrial partnerships. It also has access to the ICMPE instrument park for molecular and macromolecular analysis and characterization.

In order to create synergies between all the themes addressed and to make the implementation of research more efficient, the C3M department is structured into five thematic groups and has a department council composed of the heads of the thematic groups, a representative of the technical staff and the head of department.

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