Head of the platform: T. Modjinou


  • Destructive or unseeded characterization
  • qualitative and/or quantitative analysis
  • chain dynamics
  • identification

Group leader


Scientific activities

The Spectroscopy platform includes a complete instrumental fleet for the simple analysis or characterization, rapid or in- and depth The two solution devices cover the Institute’s specific needs in several areas of small organic molecules, polymers or composite materials.

Different know-how and skills are offered to users according to the techniques used:

  • qualitative and/or quantitative analysis
  • Composition control, stereochemistry, tactics
  • The study of dynamics

The platform also opens up to outside laboratories as well as companies or start-ups by offering them a service offering in non-destructive characterization of molecules, macromolecules or materials.


Spectromètre UV-Vis Cary 50 Bio Varian
IRTF Tensor 27 Platinium ATR Bruker
Raman Explora Horiba

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