Head of the platform: L. Perrière


  • alloy design
  • manufacturing
  • metallurgy
  • microstructures
  • shaping
  • solidification

Group leader


Scientific activities

The main task of the Materials Preparation Facilities is to organize and realize the preparation and manufacturing of metallic and ceramic samples of our Institute.
This regroups:

  • Synthesis and preparation,
  • Microstructure definition,
  • Cold and hot forming of metallic and ceramic samples.

A whole range of experimental devices is used to prepare samples from a few grams up to 300g.
We inherited our knowledge on both classical and unconventional techniques from the former «Centre d’Etudes de Chimie Metallurgique» in Vitry-sur-Seine. From this basis, we develop new equipments in order to manufacture new cutting edge materials.


Fusion par arc
Fusion par induction
Fusion par induction
Melt spinning
Twin Roll

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