The “Metallurgy and Inorganic Materials” (M2I) department conducts research on the design, modeling, and development of new materials in the fields of energy, transport, and the environment.

The targeted applications relate to aeronautics, batteries, hydrogen storage, thermoelectric or magneto-caloric energy conversion, or photo/electro-catalytic pollution control, in a context of carbon footprint reduction. and respect for natural resources.

Thanks to recognized expertise in solid-state chemistry, metallurgy and materials science, this research achieves an in-depth understanding of the relationships between structures, microstructures, and physical/mechanical/electrochemical properties.

The department is structured into six scientifically complementary thematic groups, with researchers belonging to several groups and thus expressing a strong transversality of research within the department.

The department relies on the know-how of five technological platforms where significant means of synthesis, shaping and characterization of materials are implemented.

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