Interaction of Hydrogen and Matter


  • Aging
  • Electrochemical storage
  • Isotope effect
  • Metal-hydrogen reactivity
  • Phase diagrams
  • Size effect
  • Stability calculation
  • Storage and trapping of H2
  • Structural determination
  • Thermodynamic properties

Group leader


Non permanent researchers

Scientific activities

The activities of the IHM group aim to acquire a broad understanding of the hydrogen-matter interaction as well as the structural and physicochemical properties of inorganic compounds able to react with hydrogen. We pay particular attention to the study of bulk metallic materials and their hydrides as well as hybrid and composite nanomaterials. Our scientific approach comprises the design, synthesis, characterization, modeling and study of the specific properties of these compounds. Depending on each compound family, the determination of their specific properties (thermodynamic, kinetic reaction, electronic, electrochemical or magnetic) is correlated to its composition, structure and micro and/or nanostructure. Fundamental research is being carried out simultaneously with the development of applications, focusing mainly on materials for energy.

The main research areas of our group are:

  • Metals, alloys and intermetallics: interactions with hydrogen and its isotopes. Aging under tritium. Hydrogen storage and trapping
  • Complex hydrides: synthesis, reversibility and multifunctional properties
  • Hybrid materials formed by nanoparticles confined in porous solids: interactions with hydrogen and applications for heterogeneous catalysis
  • Electrochemistry: intermetallics and hydrides as electrode and solid electrolyte materials for new generations of Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries
  • Calculation and modeling of metal-hydrogen systems
  • Characterization on large instruments: structural determination and reaction mechanisms by neutron diffraction and X-ray absorption


Bancs d'hydrogénation
Bancs d'hydrogénation
Utilisation operando des grands instruments
Utilisation operando des grands instruments
Bancs éléctrochimiques
Bancs éléctrochimiques