• metallurgy, materials science, cristallography, phase diagrams
  • Calphad, DFT, Rietveld
  • intermetallic compounds, Frank-Kasper phases, topologically close-packed phases, alloys, hydrides
  • hydrogen storage materials, high temperature materials, materials for nuclear industry

Research interest

My research activities are directed towards:

– the elaboration and the characterization of intermetallic compounds and of their hydrides
– the determination of metal and hydrogen-metal phase diagrams
– the structural determination and refinement by powder methods, from X-ray (including synchrotron) and neutron diffraction data
– the study of non-stoichiometry in intermetallic compounds
– the stability of intermetallic phases and hydrides
– the thermodynamic modelling of metal and metal-hydrogen systems by optimization of experimental data (Calphad method)

More specifically, I am interested in:
– binary and ternary transition metal systems
– Frank-Kasper phases
– zirconium based systems
– compositionaly complex alloys (CCA and HEA)
– modeling of the equation of state of platinoïds
– binary hydrogen-transition metal systems

Teaching and tutoring

– master Science et Génie des Matériaux (M1, University Paris-Saclay) : phase diagrams and thermodynamics
– master Science et Génie des Matériaux (M2, University Paris-Est Créteil) : introduction to the Calphad method
– master Matériaux pour l’Energie et les Transports (M2, University Paris-Saclay) : hydrogen storage

Other activities

I am the head of the ICMPE Scientific Council.


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