Electrochemical Energy Storage: M-ion Batteries


  • M-ion batteries
  • insertion mechanism
  • inorganic synthesis
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Raman spectra calculations
  • Structure-properties correlations
  • Solid-state electrochemistry
  • Aqueous/nonaqueous/solid electrolytes
  • microbatteries

Group leader


Scientific activities

The research activity in BATTion group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of new positive and negative materials for lithium-ion batteries and next generation metal-ion batteries (Na, K, Zn-ion…).  We provide a comprehensive view of the reaction mechanisms in electrode materials using a kinetic and thermodynamic approach with a particular interest on the electrochemical performance (energy density, cycle life,…) and structural changes (using ex situ/operando XRD and Raman spectroscopy) occurring in the electrode materials under operation. Both basic and applied research is carried out to develop new environmentally compatible and high performance systems (aqueous batteries, solid-state batteries).


correlation structure électrochimie
corrélation structure électrochimie
spectre raman
spectroscopie raman - calculs théoriques
Batteries Li-ion et au delà
Batteries Mn+-ion (M = Li, Na, K…)