Electrosynthesis, Catalysis, Organic Chemistry


  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Therapeutic chemistry
  • Green chemistry

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Scientific activities

The activities of the ECCO group fall within the context of fundamental research aimed at addressing major societal challenges in the fields of environment and health.

The new reactions developed in the group pertain especially to the field of green chemistry through the use of electrosynthesis, catalysis, multicomponent reactions and biomass valorization. Most of this work is based on the development of methodologies including organometallic chemistry, notably nickel and cobalt catalysis as well as organozinc and carbonyl-metal chemistry.

The fields of application of these original processes are multiple. Our group is particularly interested in their use in heterocyclic chemistry through the synthesis of pyridinium, aza-aromatics, coumalates or oxazaphosphinanes. The newly prepared compounds are studied in the framework of therapeutic chemistry aiming, more particularly, at identifying anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory or cytotoxic compounds.

These works are complemented with mechanistic studies of these reactions, notably with molecular modeling and electrochemistry.


couplages électro-assistés
couplages électro-assistés
molécules bio-actives
molécules bio actives
réactions multicomposants
réactions multicomposants