• Photoelectrochimistry
  • Bimetallics
  • Silicon
  • Graphene
  • CO2
  • Metal assisted chemical etching

Research interest

Fabrication of antireflective thinfilm/nanostructured surfaces for solar energy harvesting applications using physical and chemical process techniques. The extra ordinary properties of those surfaces include broadband high antireflection, omnidirectional, polarization-insensitive and wetting/de-wetting properties.

Development of semiconductor nano/microstructures (nanowires, nanorods, micropyramids, nanotubes, nanocubes, core-shell nanowires, etc.) and their multifunctional properties (electronic, magnetic, optical, electrical etc.) using various physical and chemical processes such as wet chemical etching, physical vapor deposition, electron beam evaporation etc.

Development of 2D atomically thin material like single and multilayer graphene sheet transferred on various target substrates such as Si, Si/SiO2, glass substrates and flexible PET films using low-cost synthesis processes techniques.

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