Research interest

Structural, physico-chemical and thermodynamic studies of rare earth and transition metal-based intermetallic compounds and their hydrides.
Hybrid intermetallic-porous materials.
Relationship between structures, thermodynamic properties and physical properties.
Applications in the field of chemical and electrochemical energy storage (solid hydrogen storage)

Electrode materials for NiMH and Li-ion batteries. New materials for solid hydrogen storage for fuel cell applications.
Modification of fundamental physical properties by hydrogen absorption.
H2020-JTI-FCH project HYCARE 826352- An innovative approach for renewable energy storage by a combination of hydrogen carriers and heat storage.

Teaching and tutoring

Master 2 INSTN MET

Master 2 UPEC MAN and PF

Other activities

Scientific officer at DGDS-CNRS for PEPR- H2
aDSR for the sites Centre Val-de-Loire and University of Pau – Pays de l’Adour
Scientific officer for the CNRS Chemistry Institute at the National Alliance for the Coordination of Research for Energy ANCRE co-facilitator of GP10
Chairman of the International Steering Committee of the International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems (2019-2022)
Vice-Chairman of the Gordon Research Conference; Hydrogen Metal Systems (2021)
Expert member of the International Energy Agency HIA; Task 40: Energy storage and conversion based on hydrogen, 2019-2021.


  • Science of Hydrogen and Energy Award 2020, 1st International Symposium Hydrogenomics / 14th International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, January 9, 2020.


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