Research interest

My research activities relate to the following points: development of biocompatible titanium alloys, multi-scale characterization, study of deformation mechanisms, influence of interstitials on the microstructure and the mechanical properties.

My on-going projects focus on:

  • The impact of oxygen on the microstructure and mechanical properties of biocompatible titanium alloys (ANR TiTol project coordinated by F. Prima)
  • The microstructural analysis of High Entropy Alloys reinforced by B2 and L12 precipitates for light shielding (ANR ASTRID SHIELD coordinated by L. Perrière)
  • The crystallographic study of matrix/precipitates interactions in the equiatomic TiZrHfTaNb alloy (International Emerging Action supervised by J.-P. Couzinié)
  • The design of cobalt-free and rare-earth-free magnetic alloys for permanent magnet applications (ICMPE young researcher project coordinated by R. Poulain)


Teaching and tutoring

Teaching of Inorganic chemistry, Materials, and challenges about sustainable development to students of the chemistry department in the Créteil-Vitry IUT.


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