Gel permeation chromatography (GPC), also known as steric exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a liquid chromatography technique used for characterization of various polymers that allows the separation of macromolecules in solution. Steric exclusion chromatography is the separation of sample components according to differences in their size or shape and relies on the physical restriction of molecules moving through a packed column.

Appareil de chromatographie d'exclusion stérique

Organic elutants can be used (THF, Chloroform) as well as aqueous buffers.

The machine is equipped with 3 detectors:

  • Refractive index detector (RI, Optilab-TREX, WYATT TECHNOLOGY)
  • UV Detector (Spectra-physics, spectraSERIES UV100)
  • Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) Detectors (Dawn8+HELEOS, WYATT TECHNOLOGY) 

And several columns:

  • PLaquagel-OH 40+30 (between 1000g/mol à 200 000g/mol)
  • PLaquagel-OH 60 (between 200000 g/mol et 10000000g/mol)
  • PLaquagel mixte C (between 6000 g/mol et 10000000g/mol)
  • TSK SW 4000 +3000 (Tosoh) (between 2000 g/mol et 250000 g/mol)
  • TSK gel G2500 HXL (Tosoh) (between 20000 g/mol et 10000000 g/mol)
  • Aquagel-OH mixed-M Neutre (Agilent) (between 1000 g/mol et 500000g/mol)


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